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Our Reliable Supply Chain Solution:

At ZETMAN E.S.L., we believe that reliable supply chain solution are crucial in the sustainability of any business, both large or small, and managing them can often be a challenge. We therefore specialize in solving problems, not just for you, but with you.

With this aim, our company was born to help facilitate your business between China and the World, providing end-to-end supply chain & vendor management to the global clients.

Our Services at a glance:

Supply Chain Management
In our modern world, supply chains have become larger and more extensive than ever and stretch across borders and cultures.

Hence, our expertise provides us with extensive knowledge & experience in managing complicated & cross-cultural supply chains. 

Zetman E.S.L. is dedicated to provide reliable, fast and customized Supply Chain Management Services throughout China.

Sourcing & Procurement

It is the full process of sourcing and then using suppliers to gather all the materials you need for your products, services, and indirect costs.

It involves placing orders with each supplier, receiving the goods, and paying for them.

Procurement is an end-to-end process that covers everything from planning purchases to negotiating pricing, making the purchases, to handling inventory control and storage.

Quality Control

Modern supply chains are complicated to manage, especially when the quality of the product is crucial to the process.

Zetman E.S.L. has a reliable quality control service that prevents bad quality and unexpected costs.

Let our unique Zetman E.S.L. quality control guarantee the quality of your products, as we have done and continue to do successfully for many different companies.


Zetman E.S.L. offers comprehensive and modern Warehousing solutions across China.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, combined with a American and European supervision, we ensure safe and reliable warehousing of your goods.

At Zetman E.S.L., we consider warehousing the bedrock of the supply chain operations.


Zetman E.S.L. Logistics provides reliable & fast Multi-Modal Logistic Service for your cargo by utilizing various logistic channels, ensuring an optimal balance of time, speed and cost.

In modern logistics, optimizing your supply chain is essential and we are dedicated to assist the improvement of your business.

By utilizing our key modalities, your cargo can be divided to suit your needs, in terms of finances, convenience and reliability.



Zetman E.S.L., offers a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere for our employees. We are always searching for the right people for our company.

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