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Freight Forwarding services by Zetman ESL

Freight Forwarding Service in China

In a globalized world, reliable inter- and intra-continental Freight Forwarding is crucial. As a result, Zetman E.S.L., has deep experience in multi-modal Freight Forwarding Service in China and Europe, in particular. Whether it is a complete container, or only a few pallets, Zetman E.S.L. assures your shipment arrives safe and on time.

And, our services include multi-modal logistic channels like Ocean, Rail, Road and Air. 

Zetman E.S.L. is an active front runner in global logistic developments and facilitates the emerging Rail option, an ideal middle-ground alternative.

Alongside, we provide domestic or international distribution based on your needs, either within Europe, China or the world. For us, no cargo is too big as we also facilitate project cargo solutions.

Seamless Global Logistics on request

At Zetman E.S.L., we believe in unique solutions for every logistic request. Our options are therefore fully customized and supported by digital solutions. Explore our services and contact us, to see how we can support your business.

Our Services

Ocean Freight Service in China

Ocean Freight

At Zetman E.S.L., our experience brings efficiency and accountability to the movement of sea freight. As a result, we provide dedicated sea freight forwarding services throughout the world and we help you find the right solution, customized to meet your unique requirements.

Rail Freight service from Zetman ESL

Rail Freight

With years of industry experience in rail logistics, Zetman E.S.L. has been delivering high standards in operational excellence & an ability to deliver successful solutions in the most challenging, complex circumstances. Rail is an efficient and environmentally sustainable choice.

Air Freight service from Zetman ESL

Air Freight

Zetman E.S.L., offers a wide range of options for air freight service. Our experts listen & understand the challenges faced in today’s global market place and ensure custom solutions for all our partners. We don’t just sell price, we partner with you to better manage your logistics.


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