Quality Control

Quality Control management by zetman esl

Importance of Quality Control in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management  is directly proportional to the  product quality and the overall profitability of a company. Hence, quality control in the supply chain is critical for maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace and reducing operating costs.

Without quality control, waste becomes prevalent beyond a tolerable amount in turn leading complete financial loss.

Our Unique and proven results

Modern supply chains are complicated to manage, especially when the quality of the product is crucial to the process. Zetman E.S.L., has a reliable service of controling the quality, that prevents bad quality and unexpected costs.

Let our unique Zetman E.S.L. Quality Control guarantee the quality of your products, as we have done and continue to do successfully for many different companies.

Our guarantees

Samples picked by a special sample picker:  Our sample pickers are chosen based on their reliability. We also work together with Fortune 500 inspection companies. We guarantee the quality of our staff and partners through routine inspections.


Inspection in a controlled environment: The samples are inspected in a closed and controlled environment to confirm the reliability of our service. For special goods we work together with specialist personnel with knowledge of your product and specifications.

Outbound of reliable products: Our Zetman E.S.L. quality process guarantees that only products that meet your requirements find their way to the destination.