From Factory To Client

From factory to client – our service covers it all..

China is the production engine of the world, due to the enormous quantities of products being produced on a yearly basis. Owing to this, businesses around the world employ extensive supply chains originating at the Chinese manufacturers and stretching to the local consumer.

These Complicated Supply Chain in China are often confusing, as they include intercontinental and intercultural connections. Since the founding of our company, Zetman E.S.L. has been working with customers, developing supply chain solutions to assist the needs of your business.

Many logistic providers still use outdated practices, which often results in confusing, costly, and unclear situations. Hence, at Zetman E.S.L., we aim to implement logistics 2.0. In cooperation with our partners, digital solutions help to increase our transparency and reliability.

Our warehouse management system, for instance, ensures that the exact details of our warehouse as available to both us and our partners, at all the times. Meanwhile, the Zetman E.S.L. control tower streamlines information and communication in the supply chain.

Via this online service, countless suppliers can be combined into one platform, streamlining information and communication between the involved parties.

These digital solutions not only improve the resilience of the supply chain, but also negate the cultural and linguistic barriers, allowing for a smooth and transparent system.

In modern business practices, supply chain quality is crucial as it ensures a competitive position and thus prevents undesirable situations.

Zetman E.S.L, therefore, has a long tradition of cooperating with our clients to ensure both reliability and transparency in the supply chains. As experts on European-Chinese logistics, we offer fully adjustable supply chain solutions with various added benefits, such as our quality control service, to bolster your market position.