Warehousing services in China

Warehousing service in China for all your supply chain needs.

Your cargo, Our Warehousing service.

Zetman E.S.L. offers comprehensive and modern Warehousing service solutions across China. Being equipped with state-of-the-art technology and combined with a best in class American and European supervision, we ensure safe and reliable warehousing of your goods.

At Zetman E.S.L., we consider warehousing the bedrock of successful supply chain operations. Hence, with us, there is always a warehouse nearby to suit your warehousing needs.

Alongside safe storage, our warehouses offer several value-added services, such as:

    • Unloading of cargo
    • Sample picking
    • QC and labeling
    • Repacking
    • External checking
    • Consolidations
    • Loading
    • Pick, pack & ship
    • Domestic distribution
    • Order management upon request

Following the establishment of free trade zones, Zetman E.S.L. also offers a bonded warehousing option in many cities throughout China.

Whether you want to avoid unnecessarily high import taxes, require external product assembly or want to engage in the Chinese E-commerce market, Zetman E.S.L., therefore has the warehousing solutions you require.

Our bonded options likewise have our value added-services, all adjustable to your requirements.


Our warehouses, bonded and non-bonded, offer group age or full container options.

At Zetman E.S.L. we understand that every supply chain has unique requirements. Whether your cargo needs a single container, partial container space or requires group age, our warehouses and services cater to your needs.

Hence, with our extensive network and capabilities, there is always a solution available with less cost involved, shorter transit time and reliable delivery. Easy for us, beneficial to you.