Understanding our Freight Services

Understanding our Freight Services Part 1/3 – Rail Freight

Understanding our Freight Services

Rail freight: Local & Global Rail Freight Services

The Rail Freight or the Rail Road service is ideally best fit for the companies that need to move heavy, bulk materials on regular basis.

This service is also the best fit for companies undertaking bulk projects. This helps to keep their time and costs under check with a dedicated service to cater to their needs.

However, this phenomenon is often overlooked.

Such special projects can save a lot of time and money for them, but owing to the lack of knowledge or understanding about their benefits, they are unaware of the opportunities or the right service provider to receive help from.

ZETMAN ESL’s Rail Freight Forwarding service is the perfect choice.

Our service focuses on efficiently moving cargo shipments locally as well as globally across the rail road networks. Unlike the other 2 modes of cargo transport, this service is fit for bulk materials or cargo, with tremendous time and cost savings whilst also being ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY.

ZETMAN ESL’s Rail Freight Forwarding is the leading cost-effective solution for transporting bulk cargo across distances combined with taking advantage of other modes of freight cargo transport, wherever needed.

Some of the Advantages of ZETMAN ESL’s Rail Freight Services:

  • Viability to transport bulk shipments at once – The most cost effective way to transport your material on a continuous and regular basis.
  • Lower price for long-distance transport – Owing to the dedicated booking, the entire service caters to the needs of the customer thus saving their costs.
  • Lower fuel consumption makes it eco-friendly vis-a-vis other modes – Needless to say, the rail corridor is fuel efficient in every way.
  • Delivery time is least by weather or traffic conditions – Unlike Air and Ocean Freight which are highly dependent on favorable weather, Rail Corridor can cut pass any weather conditions and reach the destination with minimal delays.


So, go ahead and contact us know and we shall provide you with the best of offering in the Rail Freight Service that’s perfect your business needs. Understanding our Freight Services

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