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Logistics Management service in china by Zetman ESL

China is the world’s major manufacturing and business hub. From needle to the machinery required for your factories, you can source anything from China.

Almost all of your business needs get fulfilled here with a rare need to look at any other country to fulfil your business needs.

However, to get the products to reach from the source to the destination, you require the best service provider that can offer an end-to-end solution to your business needs under one-roof as well as keeping your time and cost factor under control.

Your reply would be that there are many such vendors in the market, isn’t it?

Ofcourse, there are many vendors out there in the market connecting your business to different parts of the world and fulfilling your business needs from different parts of the world.

But many of them may not be able to fulfil your end-to-end business needs under a single umbrella service resulting which, you shall have to be dependent and appoint various vendors to work in co-ordination and deliver the shipment.

So what could be these basic business needs?

Of the many needs for any business that plans to expand its buying and selling locally as well globally, some of the crucial needs being sourcing & procurement, supply chain management, logistics, warehousing, freight forwarding and in some cases – quality control.

Have you been planning to grow your business at the local as well as global level?

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We are Zetman ESL, an organisation providing businesses with Logistics Services & Total Supply Chain Management to and from the China area.

No matter what part of the world you are located, we can deliver your products to your customers located locally or globally and also source your requirements locally or globally and deliver it to you.

Do you often appoint different vendors to fulfil these needs?

Managing multiple vendors for multiple needs can more than often be time consuming and can incur increasing costs since different vendors may not be able to work in a co-ordination to achieve & fulfil your business operations.

Hence, Owing to our expertise, core services of ZETMAN ESL include Warehousing, Ecommerce, Freight Forwarding, Sourcing & Procurement, Quality Control, to name a few – all offered under 1 roof.

And, with our expert and professional level services, we are capable to cater to almost any logistical or supply chain problems you may face.

What is necessary for your business success?

We believe that a reliable supply chain solution plays a crucial role in the sustainability, growth and expansion & diversification of any business, both large and small, and managing them can often be a challenge.

We therefore specialize in solving problems, not just for you, but with you.

A bit about us..

Our company, ZETMAN ESL, was born to help facilitate your business between China and the World, providing supply chain & vendor management to the global clients.

As a result, our supply chain consulting helps you select the right tailor-made solutions for smooth functioning of your business domestically as well as internationally.

For indepth details about us and the services that we offer, kindly click here to see your business grow and flourish with our Tailor-Made Solutions that are just the right fit to match the needs of your business.

So are you ready to take your local business global, with us??

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