International Shipping

International Shipping & It’s Working

International Shipping is a very important factor for your business.

Having local customer base is great. However, expanding your customer base is an essential step growing your business.

No matter what is the offerings, all companies start at a local level. And once the product gains momentum amongst the customer and sells well, going global is just a matter of time and long term planning.

For making your local business global, international shipping plays the most important role.

International shipping allows you to reach thousands of potential global customers and significantly help you in extending the reach and growth of your company.

But what is international shipping?

In simple terms, international shipping is the process of importing or exporting goods between different countries via ocean, air, or over the road.

However, varied rules and regulations of the respective countries makes this a complex process to move the freight across the borders and territories.

To successfully import or export freight, businesses have to know and follow country-specific policies of international shipping which will thus result in quicker & hassle free customs clearance of their shipment.

Unlike domestic freight shipments, international shipments are a bit trickier since every country has its own regulations and laws governing the contents to be shipped.

How long does international shipping take?

Depending on the size of your cargo and the shipping mode, the international shipments can take anywhere from two days to four weeks.

In simple terms, air cargo is known for its fastest shipping, while moving freight over the sea takes more time.

Hence, generally speaking, the international shipping process consists of 5 essential components:

  • Export Hauling: In this, the cargo is moved from its origin to the next warehouse/port/facility from where it will depart towards the border for its destination.

  • Export Custom Clearance: Post export hauling, your cargo reaches the border of the exporting country where it passes through the process of clearance before moving to the next stage.

  • Import Customs Clearance: Once the cargo reaches the territory border of the importing country, it goes through another process of clearance. This is the most crucial part of the shipping process, to ensure your shipment complies with the customs policies of that country.

  • Import Hauling: Post successful clearing the importing country’s borders, your shipment moves from the border towards its final destination.

  • Transportation: After your load has successfully left the origin country, the process of transportation begins.

How to ship your cargo internationally?

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International shipping is a complex task, especially if you are doing it for the first time or are not competent enough since that may not be your area of expertise.

That’s why most businesses turn to freight forwarding companies like ZETMAN ESL to ship their cargo owing to TIME BOUND & COST EFFECTIVE services.

Zetman ESL helps you with successfully shipping your cargo across the globe. We collect & process all the necessary details & formalities related to your shipment.

Hence this is a very crucial step as any error or omission in the shipment details can result in failure of your shipment and may also involve hefty penalties.

ZETMAN ESL is also competent enough to carry out all the custom clearance formalities, as, the customs clearances is very crucial stage for successful international shipment.

We have professional expertise in arranging & executing the international freight movements. You can rely on us to complete all the formalities and execute the customs clearance process properly.

Since transparent and real-time tracking is crucial for international shipments, tracking the shipment and timely updating it to the customer makes ZETMAN ESL the preferred choice of our customers.

Since we offer shipping across the globe, we can arrange international shipping through rail, ocean, or air.

Need to ship abroad? Contact us right now for the best international shipping rates and choose the best option.

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