Understanding our Freight Services

Understanding our Freight Services – Part 2/3 Air Freight

Understanding our Air Freight Service

We give wings to your cargo

At ZETMAN ESL, we offer multi-modal transports for our customers to take care of their freight and logistics supply chain needs. Apart from rail freight, we provide also provide Air Freight Service.

With our Air Freight Services, we put the wings to your logistics

ZETMAN ESL offers air freight services globally making it convenient to reach your shipment to its destination within a couple of hours. From temperature & time bound pharmaceuticals to crucial machinery parts, we can handle anything and are always ready to accommodate your shipment needs.

We work on the ethics and beliefs that if you have a need, Zetman ESL can curate a solution.

Highlights of choosing ZETMAN ESL’s Air freight Services:

  • The fastest shipping method: Goes without saying that Air freight is the fastest shipping method. When your goods need to be moved within time constraints, air freight is the best solution compared to any other transportation method.
  • Status of your shipment: Zetman ESL’s Air Freight Service offers you the opportunity to track your shipment, which means you can monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival to be constantly updated.
  • Lower risk of theft & damages with High level of security: Air shipment offers the advantage of a high level of security owing to the stringent the airport safety & security controls over cargo thus eliminating the exposure to theft and damage.
  • Highly reliable arrival & departure: Owing to the dedicated service slots, the arrival and departure times of flights are highly reliable, with airlines usually being on the top of their schedules. Even missing a dedicated flight wouldn’t cause much delay as the next flight is there to carry your shipment.
  • Deliver your cargo globally: With the airspace open for most of the countries, most airlines have a wide network of services and destinations that covered. Which means that you can reach any destination in matter of hours.
  • Less packaging required: Owing to weight restrictions, air shipments require not more than the necessary safety packing. This means that you save on resources like time, material & costs for additional packaging.


So, go ahead and contact us know and we shall provide you with the best of offering in the Air Freight Service that suits your business needs. Understanding our Air Freight Service

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