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Warehousing plays a very important role for success of your business. No matter what type of goods business model you may be engaged into, having a warehouse & warehousing services is a must.

While it may not be “THE MOST IMPORTANT” aspect on the face value, warehousing and inventory storage & fulfilment centres affect everything from sourcing raw materials and, efficient inventory management, to delivering the goods to the customers on time.

Though the basic principles of warehousing have not changed much over the years, warehousing inventory management solutions have changed and evolved with time.

With new technologies, urbanization, and the ever-growing world of e-shopping, warehousing and warehousing inventory management has led to a shortage of warehouse space and popping up of “on-demand warehousing”.

What is warehousing?

In simple words, warehousing is the process of temporarily storing physical goods until they are sold or further distributed to a dedicated warehouse or storage facility.

The warehousing services of ZETMAN ESL manages to safely and securely store products in an organized way to efficiently manage the exact records of the inventory till the time they are out for further process.

Once small businesses grow big, they will have to rent, lease a warehouse, or outsource the warehousing to a third-party and store inventory in such warehousing facilities.

No matter what your needs, Zetman ESL is capable to handle any types of warehousing & warehousing inventory management needs you may have.

Whether an ecommerce type of business or a traditional wholesale-retail model, warehousing forms an important and integral part of logistics management.

A few criteria’s while choosing a warehousing solution:

warehousing sku

Storage costs and quantity of SKUs:

The type of warehousing that you require depends on the type of products or the SKU’s that you deal in. Hence, the storage cost depends on the overall area occupied by the products and its variants in each products.

Therefore, if you only have a handful of SKUs, storage will be much less expensive than if you have 1,000s of SKUs.

business seasonality

Business Seasonality:

Many businesses are seasonal in nature. Which means, seasonal fluctuations in your supply chain management and demand can make warehousing logistics very complicated.

Hence it may be better outsourcing the logistics warehousing to a third-party like Zetman ESL to prevent you from being stuck in either extreme.

warehouse location

Warehouse Location:

Choosing the optimal warehouse location depends on your needs & goals. Storing a lot of products in bulk over a long duration may need a remote warehouse location with enough transportation connectivity & reduce the expenditure.

Whereas, if you aim to delivered order to customers in shortest time, you’ll want a fulfilment warehouse or a fulfilment centre near to customers’ shipping destinations or regions.

With Zetman ESL’s Warehousing Services, you can be rest assured of the most optimum warehousing location to suit your needs.

warehousing management technology

Warehouse management technology:

Whether you plan to have your own warehouse or outsource it to a third-party, technology is a critical piece of warehouse management and operations.

Zetman ESL is capable to provide you with the best for technology and expertise to suit your needs.


Warehousing affects every business that sells products. Choosing the right warehousing solution can help you save money, help meet customer demands, and maintain overall efficiency. Working with a third-party logistics company like ZETMAN ESL is very common for any goods businesses types that want to avoid the hassles managing a warehouse themselves.

Your search for a reliable warehousing service provider ends only with ZETMAN ESL.

Contact us now to discuss over our warehousing service that shall be perfect to suit your needs, so that your can focus more on what’s important for growing your business.

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